Honorable Mention: Best Poem
"Looking at Me"
By Jordan McMurray
2012 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2012
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Description of Submission:
"This is a poem about a non-descript gay individual who is not sure whether or not the person across the room is
flirting with them or not. This poem is free verse and is inspired by two gay friends of mine who often express great
pain in not being able to simply walk up to someone who might be checking them out because my friend is not
entirely sure if that person  is gay. " - Jordan

Why Karen and Melody Liked
We can relate to how sometimes its not easy to know whether someone is gay.  
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They say sometimes you can fall in love
with just a single look.
But if you are like me
you don’t exactly have that luxury.
For I am gay.
And someone is staring at me.
For straight people is it much easier
to talk to the opposite sex.
But because my romantic partner and I are the same gender
I can’t simply walk up and ask them
for a dance or to buy them a drink.
There are so many reasons I feel bound
from asking them for a night on the town.
I could rightly offend them and get a punch
or a drink thrown at my face.
People are so fanatical about their sexuality
in this rather large city.
I also don’t want to fit the stereotype
that I will ask anyone of my gender who breaths
for a walk down the beach.
But oh, the person across the room is so statuesque.
With coal black hair and icy blue eyes.
Should I go?
Should I take that chance and roll the dice?
The person across the room waves their hand
perhaps they think me as a prospective friend?
But I want to be more, oh so much more.
They are surrounded by plenty of both genders.
I suppose one could be their lover.
I feel my legs jump off the bar stoop.
I walk closer to them, the smile not going from my face.
At the last second my feet take a ninety degree turn.
And I walk from that statue of a person, I practically run.
Perhaps maybe next time will be different; perhaps I will get the nerve
to finally ask someone, the same as me.
For a dance, a kiss, a romance.
But until then I will just keep sipping my drink.
And looking at all the people.
Looking at me.