Honorable Mention - Best Drawing
"Set Free"
By Erick Chavez - WA
2008 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2008
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Description of Submission: "My art work is a hand-made block print.  First I sketched my drawing, and then I carved the detail using a blade.  Finally I printed it with different ink colors.  I used the dove and the open hands to represent freedom, as when someone opens up their heart and sets free their emotions and feelings that had been kept inside of them.  The rainbow colors that I used were intentionalyly fixed the way they are, to illuminate the landscape in the background, but also, becuase colors are a great way to express diversity standing next to each other in harmony.  The two men standing in the front have an important meaning too.  They are holding each other while freeing the dove with their hands set together, to show support and the importance of caring.  You might be able to see that their heads resemble the symbol that represents the gay community.  This image expresses my own view on what I feel about my orientation and the gay community as well.  I tried to create an atmosphere of peace and liveration.  The title of my print says everything that I wanted to express." - Erick

Why Karen and Melody Liked It:   We loved how his technique produced such a beautiful work of art.  Also the symbolism really represented the GLBT community.