Honorable Mention - Best Gay Pride
"Proud of Who I Am"
By Christine Thomas - NJ
2008 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2008
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Description of Submission: "My life in school.  I describe how different I am since I'm gay black girl in a pre-dominatly white school." - Christine

Why Karen and Melody Liked It:   We loved how your poem portrayed her pride and showed her struggle as well.
Walk slowly with my head down.
I look up to peek.
I've been exposed.
Contaminated by their looks and stares.
Their whispers ring in my ear.
Their slience does not.
My brown skin is radiant as I walk down these halls.
Why do they look at me?
Why do they care?
Sometimes I wish I were not black.
Sometimes I wish I were straight.
This is not me.
I don't peek up because my head is already always up.
Exposition is essence.
I am not ashamed.
When whispers ring,
My shouts overcome.
When silence dominates,
My voice will persevere.
My brown skin is beautiful.
My sexuality is joyful.
I love being me.