Runner-Up of the Artistic Category
"My Copious Prize"
By Travis Ammann - CA
2008 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2008
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Description of Submission: "A dance (duet) choreagraphed/performed by myself.  About the struggles and triumps of any couple including gays go through proving the point that love is love, always.  I choreographed and performed in, with my boyfriend.  I fully believe in making stements in my pieces I create, and this piece I made specifically for this scholarship.  The dance is a duet entitled "My Copious Prize", to a beautiful song, "The Tower of Learning" by Rufus Wainwright.  I wanted to express through movement, the struggles and triumps a gay couple goes through just like anyone else in the world.  So often, homosexuals are sterotyped as wild individulas that are only interested in a promiscuous life style.  Just like any heterosexual couple, we go through happiness together as well as sadness, anger, and every other emotion thinkable.  In conclusion, I wanted to state that relationships are all the same and love is always love no matter what other people might say or think." - Travis

Biography: Travis is currently doing a dance apprentice program in Chicago.  He dances 5-6 hours a day.  He will be dancing and a teacher at Cypress Community College.  As well, he will later go to the University of Airzona to major in dance.

Why Karen and Melody Liked It:   We liked how he took the happiness and struggles of a loving relationship and paired them with a unique dance with his partner.
Did you like this dance?  Then feel free to send a message to Travis at: