KarMel Scholarship 2008


Winner of the “Written” Category

“Straight or Gay”

By Anonymous



Desciption of Submission: “A poem about the relationship I have had with a lesbian foster parent.” - Anonymous



Why Karen and Melody Liked It:  We liked how it showed that her views towards gay people were changed when she was sent to live with a lesbian foster mother. 

It demonstrates how getting to know someone, shows we are all the same.




I came to live with her,

When I was in my teens

After having lived a life

Of many shattered dreams.


She was my fifth home

And I her third teen,

Because in foster care

I would be until eighteen.


I was straight

And she was gay.

And when I turned eighteen

I planned to break away.


But the impact of life

Had dealt me a blow.

After all of this chaos

I was feeling so low.


I wanted to leave

This world of misery

And through all of this

She was there for me.


She always fought for

What was right,

Even when others

Had given up the fight.


I had beeen raised to believe

Straight was the only way to be.

Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder

If this was based on bigotry.


I came to love this woman

As a parent, straight or gay,

Because I had to ask myself

Does it matter either way.


She tought me about respect

And after being in so many homes,

Gave me the freedom I needed

To explore the world on my own.


Here I stayed

Rather than wanting to flee.

Ilived and grew

Until I was ready to leave.


Always staying in touch

I moved on eventually,

As I never forgot the one

Who didn’t give up on me.


Here we are

Over ten years later.

And although she is

Not my mother;


Throught the years

It is this she,

Straight or gay,

Has come to be.