Honorable Mention: Best Religion
"A Loving God"
By Alexandrea Montoya - UT
2010 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2010
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Description of Submission:  "A black and white elaborate sketch with the eye of god composing the vast majority of the picture, inside his iris is the world and the pupil two hands of no specific gender embracing one another.  In the bottom right hand corner a note from myself reading "A loving God sees no gender, Only the love of the embrace, His love has no boundaries, Why should ours?"  Living in Utah I experience first hand prejudice against gays and lesbians, I myself am striaght, but feel very strongly towards the equal rights of all gender couples.  The argument most prominent in the state of Utah is the ideas confliction with the bible.  I myself see contradictions in religion.  If there is a loving god he would love everyone despite their differences, he would see no gender but only the aspects of that person that makes them an individual.  In my opinion if there in the universe somehwere there is a god, he would open his arms to anyone who wishes seek him no matter what there genitals deem them to be, or their sexual preference." - Alexandrea

Why Karen and Melody Liked It:
We really liked that Alexandrea showed how God loves us all, no matter our gender and no matter who we love. Her quote really added to the perspective of her piece and tied in nicely.