Bay Area BAMfest
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All My Children is a very special show to both Melody and I.  We have met so many wonderful people who have the same passion as we do.
In March, we decided to invite some friends over to watch tapes of the show and celebrate the characters we love...Bianca and Maggie, aka BAM!
We had a wonderful time with our friends and even made some new ones! 
Check out these pictures!  Here we are wearing masks of our favorite characters.
(Frankie, Lena, Bianca, Erica, Maggie, Sara, Laura and Uncle Jack)
Here is the group with their own beautiful smiling faces.  What a great group!
(Alex, Sheila, Carol, Melody, Dee Dee, Angie, Leigh and Karen)
We put a poster on our door so our guests could find us easily and to welcome them with smiles from Bianca and Maggie.
We decorated our place with lots of homemade BAM banners and pictures.  I think Melody and I had as much fun preparing as we did at the actual event.
Everyone is transfixed on the TV and our favorite girl, Bianca. 
We made a card to send to Eden, the actress who plays our favorite character Bianca.  Carol was flying to NY just to give her our card!!

Okay, she wasn't really going just to give her our card.  She was going to see Eden in a play and offered to take our card with her.  THANKS CAROL!!!
Our gift to Eden, all wrapped up and ready to be delivered.
Melody and I made these magnets to give to our friends as a momento of the BAM celebration.
Angie had hats made up for each of us to wear as we watched the tapes.