Our 2002 Christmas Celebration
Our Christmas Gifts
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Christmastime is always magical.  We had our place all decorated and really had a wonderful Christmas together.  It was the first time we were able to spend Christmas together.  We opened presents and then met with some friends.  We spent the day just enjoying everything that makes Christmas so special.
Karen wearing and showing off some of her Christmas gifts.  Now Karen has a special mug for her hot chocolate!
One of the best gifts...a homemade calendar that Melody made.  Each month features the girl(s) that Karen loves!!
Karen's Buffy T-Shirt.  Who can resist those lovely lesbians Willow and Tara?
Karen dancing with her "People all over the world" scarf.  Now she will be nice and warm.
Melody is showing off one of her gifts.  It's a gift certificate book that Karen made for her.  Each month has a certificate good for a breakfast in bed or some other fun thing to do.
This is a breakfast in bed tray that Karen decorated for Melody.  It has a lot of the characters that are special to us. 
Melody is wearing another of her gifts.  It's a sweatshirt that Karen made for her. 
Another one of Karen's handmade gifts for Melody.