Melody as a Bridesmaid (part 1)
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Here we are at Emily's wedding.  Aren't we a beautiful couple?
I have magical powers!  Not!!  It's just me taking a picture of myself using the mirror.
The beautiful wedding couple:  Dave and Emily.
Here I am.  This is the beautiful background in which the wedding took place.
The trio of bridesmaids!  Me, Vivian and Ai-Lin.  Don't we just look fabulous!
Here is my honey sitting and waiting for the wedding ceremony to start.
On October 5, 2002, Melody was the bridesmaid for one of her best friend, Emily.  Emily and Dave had a lovely wedding in the Berkeley Hills.  It was a bright sunny day.  The bridesmaids wore beautiful light purple dresses.  We had a nice ceremony, a fun wedding reception and a feastful wedding banquet.  It was a fun filled day. 
Congratulations to Emily and Dave!  May you find all the happiness you are looking for in your life.