Great America Theme Park
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Melody's company had their picnic at Great America Amusement Park on April 25, 2003.  Melody and I had a blast riding some of the rides and playing the games. 
There was a picnic around noon time where she introduced me, for the first time, to many of her coworkers.  She even called me her partner...a big step on her part.
It was a wonderful day at the Park!!
Karen and Melody at the beginning of the day.  Good thing they take these pictures before you start riding!!
Melody and Scooby-Doo pose for a picture.
Karen on the carousel.  This was a dragon/horse that was blue and purple.  Our favorite colors.
Karen posing with the Reptar from the Rugrats.
Melody and Sponge Bob taking in the sites at the park.
Melody with the Rugrats!
Karen and her winnings from the games.  For someone who said she doesn't do well at the games, it sure looks like she did well!!
Melody with her winnings at the skill games.  I think we did pretty well.  Now, where are we going to put all these things?