Our Halloween Celebration
Halloween (Part 1)
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Here is our porch all decorated.  Look at the beautiful strands of lights we used.  See the witch that flew into our apartment.
The lights up close.  There is a skeleton, a pumpkin scarecrow and a bat.  Cool!
Our lighted 3 pumpkins.  Are they sweet or what?
We even decorated our porch light!
This is a beautiful Halloween lantern. 
Our cat in a pumpkin! You need a black cat for Halloween, that's for sure!
Karen and I love decorating for the holidays.  Halloween is our first holiday celebration in our new home.  We went all out!  We decorated everything that could be decorated: our porch and our windows.  We are such kids at heart!  Come celebrate Halloween with us!
I'm Superwoman!  I was one of the trick-or-treaters for Halloween at our place.
Karen is my super side-kick!