Our Lake Tahoe Trip (Part 1)
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On April 18 - 20 2003, for Melody's birthday, we decided to head to the mountains and play in the snow.  We have had quite a few spring storms and so there was a lot of snow for us to play in.
We went and watched the sunset at the lake the first evening and then enjoyed a dinner high above Lake Tahoe.  We went snowmobiling on Saturday and then turned in early to relax. 
We both enjoyed the weekend away, and felt relaxed when we got home.
Melody drove our snowmobile so that Karen could check out all the scenery.  The mountains were beautifully covered with the white stuff.
We even left the trail and got to take the snowmobiles into the powder.  It was a blast!
Here is a scene with the snow covered mountains in the background.  We took this shot from the snowmobile.
We go zooming down the mountain on the snowmobiles.  It was cool, but the sun was warm.  It was a good day for playing in the snow.
Melody is poised and ready to tear-up the trails on her snowmobile.
Karen is zooming along...at least it looks that way!  Okay, it was parked at the time.
At the top of the summit, we stopped and rested.  Melody made this snow angel.  Then it was back on the snowmobiles to ride back down the mountain.
This is a true action shot.  I took this shot as we were driving along the trails back down the mountain.  Easy Riders?  Not!!