How It All Started:
Our kitten adventure started when one of the stray cats we were feeding at Melody's apartment had a litter of kittens.  The litter of kittens were on the top of the garage on the gutter area where some honeysuckle was growing.  The apartment complex was tearing away the honeysuckle, and the kittens would have been in danger of being pulled down as well.

Middle of Night Rescue of the Kittens:
So in the middle of the night while the momma stray cat was eating food at our apartment, we went and rescued  4 kittens.  When we came back, we saw that the mother kitten had disappeared so we went back.  There was no momma cat  there, but we shined our light on the area and saw that there were still 2 kittens that we had left behind!

Two Kittens Left Behind:
So we went back up there and grabbed the 2 kittens.  Just as we were coming down, the momma stray cat saw us taking her kittens down.  We tried to lure momma cat away with the kittens.  But she wouldn't come.  So we stuck around a bit. 

A Total of 7 Kittens Rescued!
A neighbor saw us standing there and said, "Are you waiting for the kittens?   We have one of the kittens already."  One of the kitten,J.J.,  had fallen out of the nest or was the runt of the litter and had been picked up by the neighbors.  So we took back J.J. and integrated it with the other kittens.

Luring Momma Cat to Her Kittens:
We were hoping the stray momma cat would see the kittens at our apartment and come into our apartment to feed the kittens.  But it didn't go that way.   So we had to spend one night feeding the kittens all  throughout the night.  The next few days we tried to lure momma cat into our house and finally we were able to lure her with food into our apartment.  She then took care of the kittens under our wicker chair basket.

Moving Everyone To Oue New Apartment:
Unfortunately, we were moving out of our apartment at the same time, and so we couldn't leave the kittens and the momma cat behind.  So we got a cat trap to trap momma cat and moved her with us to our new apartment with the kittens.  We got a dog kennel cage and put her and her kittens in the cage.  And there she stayed with us for about a month. 

Fun Times with the Kittens:
It was lots of fun being with the kittens.  One of the kittens was alwaya escaping out of the little crack from the dog kennel cage so we had to kitty proof the cage.  When we came to feed them, the kittens would rush to the door to want to come out and play.  Although one of the kittens, J.J., did not make it.  He was probably the runt of the litter.

Kittens Going to Good Homes:
After a month of taking care of the kittens, we were lucky enough to find a shelter to foster them.  Safe Haven was the only animal shelter that cane to our rescue.   They took great care of them and found them great homes.  Three of the kittens went with the foster parent, who had 3 children.  Two kittens went to a home with 2 children.  And one of the kittens with another kitten from another litter went to a home of a couple just starting out. 

We had a great memorable experience with the kittens.
2.  First Day (2 weeks old)
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Our Kitten Adventure
4.  All Grown Up
Come see each of the 7 cute kittens we rescued.
When they were 2 weeks old, we rescued them and brought them home.  This was our first day with the kittens.
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Some of the kittens at 3 months old just before they got adopted.
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