Our Family
Nike to Bambi "Did you see that water drop!  Wasn't that cool!"
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Our babies when they were 2 months old!  They were able to fit in a small potting plant together.  Aren't they just precious!!!
The sisters getting a sun-tan together.
Curious kitties.  What are you doing in the batch tub?
Kittle wrestling.  Nike's got Bambi in a headlock!
Nike and Bambi playing with the colorful balloon.
Nike and Bambi hiding under the bed.
The sisters share a moment by the window.
Kitties don't brush their teeth!
Our kitties napping together on the bed.
Nike and Bambi are sisters.  One day their uncle, a stray cat that I had been feeding, showed up with one of them on Melody's back porch.  They were only 2 months old.  I started to feed them milk and kitty food.  Next thing you know, they were coming in and out of my house. 

They love to do everything together like sisters.  They are very close sisters  Come and see their cute pictures!