Our New Years Trip
Rose Parade (Part 1)
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On New Year's Day, Melody and I went to Pasadena and watched the Rose Parade in person.  It was the first time either of us had seen the parade up close.  It was a little cold, but we bundled up and just enjoyed the celebration.
Karen bundled and excited as the parade is about to start.
This is a rose from one of the floats.  Sometimes the flowers will fall off and then there is a mad dash for the souvenirs.
After the parade the floats are on display for you to see up close.  Here is Melody posing with Strawberry Shortcake.
This float had little fairies as it's theme.  They are so much more breathtaking to see up close.
Kitties playing on this float made it one of our favorites!
Dancing starfish adorned this underwated themed float.
The parade isn't all floats, here are some hula dancers.
A band from Hawaii made the trip to Pasadena to march in the parade.
Here is a patriotic float that was one of the first in the parade.
This was a series of 6 small floats that all went together.  They were so cute!