Our Valentine's and Anniversary Trip
Bird Refuge
After our boat ride, is was off to see the many species of birds and ducks at the Bird Refuge.  It was right next door and actually shared part of the lake.
The ducks have their own area where they can swim and float and lay around all day.  There were so many different sizes and shapes and kinds!
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The ducks float along the water using the islands when they want a break from the water.
The bird in the middle wanted to pose for his picture. He was a blueish color and different from most of the other birds and ducks.
Baby ducklings follow their mothers from the water.  There is also a very intetesting looking duck, on the edge of the water, behind the duckling.  He had a hard almost shell like head.  Neither Melody or I had ever seen anything like him before. 
The parking lot is not off limits to this guys.  They walk around anywhere they want to, and will even stop and pose for you if you ask nicely!  They aren't afraid of people or cars or even teenage drivers!