Our Valentine's and Anniversary Trip
Overfelt Garden
Karen and Melody "self-picture" at the Overfelt Garden.  Aren't we cute?
A Chinese temple inside the Gardens.  You walk along the paths and find all kinds of surprises.  It's so pretty.
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Karen standing in some kind of ruins in the garden.   Maybe it will bring good luck!!
It's "U and I."  Get it?
Dragons adorn the top of this temple.  The detail is so spectacular!
Some of the trees were just beginning to bloom.  The pink blossoms on this tree were so pretty and a nice contrast to the green leaves on the other trees.
Karen playing, "She love me, she loves me not" with the petals of this daisy.  Of course, when she got down to the last few, she cheated and said, "She loves me, She loves me, She loves me!"