Honorable Mention: Best Drawing
By Hannah Cascio - CT
2012 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2012
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Description of Submission:
"In my drawing, I wanted to portray the growing acceptance of the GLBT community by the people within it and its
allies. The pink triangle is a symbol of the GLBT community, and it is surrounded by two heart-shaped,
rainbow-colored hands. This is to show how people accept people of the GLBT community more and more as the
number of allies grows. However, there is a gap between the hands and triangle, as there is still discrimination
against gay and lesbian people. It still floats alone in the blue void behind it, but we are getting ever-closer to
acceptance as the hands get closer and closer." - Hannah

Why Karen and Melody Liked It
This is such a nice drawing.  It's great how the hands come into a heart shape to surround the pink triangle pride
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