KarMel Scholarship
Congratulations to the 2012 Winners!
Best Artistic
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2012 Runner-Up & Special Awards
Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions we received, additional awards were presented.
Let's congratulate these winners as well!
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"What Love Really Means" (Drawing)
Jordan Baum - CA
Melody's Favorites - Artistic ($75)
Karen's Favorites - Artistic ($75)
Runner Up - Written ($100 each)
Runner Up - Artistic ($100 each)
"Crayola Marked Hands - A Flashback",
"Love Conquers All"
(Poem and Drawing)
Danielle Ferriola
Last Updated May 2012
"They Don't See Me"
Kiara Schaffer - WA

"This poem is about a person struggling to accept and
reveal who they truly are. It is about the fear, doubt, and
second thoughts that come along with coming out to the
people you care about.." - Kiara

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"Religion Kills Homosexuality"
Meriani Babatope - TX

"It’s a poem i wrote about my opinion about
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender from my religion's point
of view." - Meriani

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"Be Yourself" (Fictional Story)
Special Judges' Award ($100)
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"This is a story of a parent with a child who does a bit of
gender exploration.  I wanted to write a story where a
gender-variant child could be seen as normal, even
accepted, by other people, and I wanted to show that
gender doesn't really have to matter as much as some
people think it does." - Anonymous

An excerpt:
On the first day, the parent sat down with the child to speak
of important matters of growing up.  The parent said to the

"I just want you to know that it's okay to be whoever you
want.  Remember how you said you liked the color yellow
yesterday, and I said it wasn't my favorite?  And how I said I
liked red, like they have on fire trucks and you said you
didn't like it at all.   That's okay.  No matter whether you like
yellow or red, or whether you like peas or carrots, or even
whether you're a boy or a girl, I will still love you. "

"Okay.  But why?"

"Because it's important for you to be yourself.  And as you
get older, you have to figure out who you are and what you
like.  I can't decide that for you.  And if I tried to make you
eat peas for the rest of your life, you wouldn't like it would

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Best Written
Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Themed Work
2012 Honorable Mention Awards
This year we decided to award honorable mention awards by media and subject.  We wanted to showcase the best of the best!
"Learning From Each Other"
(Personal Story)

"The struggles a mother faces when her daughter comes
out, and the struggles/loss they both feel." -Anonymous

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Best Religion ($50):
"My Sincerest Apologies" by Teshia Tucker
Best Personal Story ($50):
"Lunch Can Change Your Life" by Lindsay Witte - IN
Best Drawing ($50):
"Love Comes in Different Colors" by Karina
Espino - TX
"Acceptance" by Hannah Cascio
Best Fictional Story ($50):
"More than Meets the Eye" by Holly Allen - CA
"An Uncertain Love" by Wei Cho - CA
Best Comic ($50):
"A Fairytale Romance" by Chase Van
Best Photo($50):
"So Lucky To Be In Love With My Bestfriend" by Ashley
Best Speech ($50):
"What Can the America of Yesterday Teach the
America of Tomorrow?" by Michael Barahura - CA
Best Poem ($50):
"Oh, We Are Proud" by Simone Parker - MN
"Looking at Me" by Jordan MicMurray - IN
A "Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender" Themed Scholarship
By Media
By Subject
2005 Winners
"We were truly amazed at the quality and creativity put forth by all the applicants this year.
We awarded a total of $2,800.
Come view the wonderful submissions we received!  Enjoy!"  -
Karen and Melody (February 2013)
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"Crayola Marked Hands - A Flashback"

"This is a poem I wrote about an incident that happend
to me relating to my sexuality.  The memory hit me hard
and made me realize how proud I am of my journey to
self acceptance." - Danielle

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"Love Conquers All"

"This piece is inspired by all the positive changes in the
LBGT community - especially relating to marriage
equality.  The haiku represents my love of haiku as I
have embarked on a 365 Day Haiku challenge..This is
the time of love." - Danielle

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"This work was made entirely of words, every line, shade
and tiny detail is a word to represent equality and love in
the LGBT community, more specifically lesbians, the words
include: Equality, NOH8, Pride, Happiness, Love,
Freedom, Undying, Passion, Cuteness and Lesbians. The
drawing features a happy and in love lesbian couple to
represent how happy and amazing love is." - Jordan

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"Or So You Hope"
(Fictional Story)
Victoria Ciampa - MA

"A three part story originally written as a fan fiction,
revealing the internal feelings of two best friends after
one declares their love for the other, based partially off
of my own experiences." - Victoria

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Lauren Sitterly - NY

"A computer drawing patterned after the caveman evolution timeline documenting my transition from female to male."
- Lauren

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"Catharsis & Misery"
Michelle Reed - NC

"This oil painting represents one of the truest experiences in my life; my first relationship after coming out. The
pain, the triumph, the regret, and the love exemplified through this work culminated in a way that allowed me to
become fully aware of what it is to live. I painted this during a tumultuous separation with my previous girlfriend.
She's touched me deeply, and I wanted to glorify our experience with a painting of our most peaceful, innocent
moment, which stood in stark contrast to the struggles and hurt we were currently enduring since that time. I was
able to escape into that moment through this painting, so it also served as a release for me. As you might be able
to tell, the painting remains unfinished...and over time I've come to accept that as serendipitous symbolism.

We both have moved on, miles and years apart, but I don't believe the memories, both experimental and
emotional, will ever completely part from my being.

Here's  to EVERYONE with the courage to love and to continue to love.   
" - Michelle

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"Love Know No Gender"
(Personal Story)
Courtney Neale - WI

"This is a personal piece about my boyfriend coming out to
me. It deals with our relationship and the important lessons
about life and love that I learned from it." - Courtney

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Best Coming Out ($50):
"My Secret" by Dominique Curry -AL
Best Gay Pride ($50):
"Haircut: a personal release " by Briana Vladerrey
- NC
Melody's Favorite - Written ($75)
Most Unique ($50):
"Love's Pretty Sweet" by Brianna Blair - NC
"Love is Love" by Angelica Hernandez
Best Transgender ($50):
"Becoming Kate" by Anonymous
"Conformity" by Anonymous
Karen's Favorite - Written ($75)

".Same beliefs and principles and yet having two
completely opposite actions result. Who’s the hypocrite?"
- Anonymous

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"Love is Blind"  
Paige Koehler - NJ

" wrote this song after my best friend of 17 years
came out to me. This song is to show her that she
can love whoever she wants and I will always be right
by her side because after all love is blind" - Paige

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Best Editorial ($50):
"Pressing On" by Thomas Hamilton - TX
Best Documentary ($50):
"Take It Back" by Aneesa Winn
Best Love ($50):
"Touch" by Emily Hayes - CA
"The Beautiful Friend" by Lauren Nowell - TX
Best from Family/Friend of
Gay Person ($50):
"The Boy in the Yellow Sweater Vest" by
Best Same-Sex Marriage ($50):
"The Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage " by
Rhonda Elwess