KarMel Scholarship 2012
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  *   This is a one time scholarship.

*   High school students, undergraduate and graduate students can apply,
          if they will be attending a college, university or trade school
           in the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 semester.
           You can also be a high school student who is taking extra courses in junior college.
   *   You do not need to be gay/lesbian/bi/transgender to apply for the scholarship.
   *   This scholarship is not limited by race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin
       or sexual orientation.
   *   No preferences given to students with financial hardship.
   *   Previous winners may submit again, but cannot submit previous entries.

   *   All application information will be completely confidential and will not be shared
         with 3rd party organizations.
   *   Please keep us updated on your address, phone and email changes so we can contact you
         if you are the winner of the scholarship.  Email us at

*   Submissions must be solely the work of the applicant.
    *   Original work can be submitted.  Photos and facsmilies of original work will be accepted too.
    *   Work previously submitted in any form to any organization may be accepted for the
         scholarship, but cannot be posted on the website.  You must notify us on the application if
         your work has been previously submitted to another organization.
    *   All materials become property of the KarMel Scholarship and will not be returned.
    *   Materials may be published on our website and other media now known or 
         hereafter developed for non-commercial and commercial purposes alike.
    *   All applicants agree to indemnify KarMel Scholarship entirely of any Copyright, 
         Trademark, or other infringement if the situation arises.
    *   KarMel Scholarship reserves the right to deny any submission without cause.
    *   There is no preference in whether an application/submission is mailed or emailed.
    *   If you directed a play, but did not write the play or act in the play, the submission will not be accepted.
    *   You can collaborate with others on your submission, but the award prize will remain the same.  In this case, please fill out seperate applications, but send it together.

    *   Submissions containing nudity and sexual content are accepted, but may be edited for
         posting on the web.
    *   Submissions containing profanity are accepted, but may be edited for posting on the web.
    *+ Submissions depicting explicit violence or promotions of violence will not be accepted.
    *   Submissions of anti-gay sentiment will be reviewed by the committee before
         being displayed.
    *   For videos, you can use background music not created by you, as long as you give credit to the original performer.  Please note this in your application and video.

*   Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, imagery and artistic quality.
    *   Judges are looking for submissions with unique viewpoints and/or unique medium.
    *   All judges results are final.
    *   There is no preference in whether an application/submission is mailed or emailed.
    *   If you do not want to submit your original art work, make sure to take photos of your art work from different views so we can judge all aspects of your art work.

*   Announcement of awardees will be in July 2012.
    *   Winners will be notified by email and/or phone.  Parents will NOT be contacted.
    *   Winners will receive check made out directly to the winner.
    *   We are always looking for creative ways to honor our applicants.  Previously awarded
         categories (i.e. Honorable Mention - "Best of") may or may not be awarded
          depending on types of works selected and funds. 

    *   Various entries will be selected and posted on the KarMel Scholarship website. 
    *   Not ALL submissions will be posted due to the large number of submissions received.
    *   You have the right not to have your name posted with your work on our site. 
         If you do not wish to have your name and state appear with your work, please
          check the appropriate box on your application.
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Scholarship Rules
Background about the KarMel Scholarship
Showcase of Winner's works
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+ This is necessary due to the diversity of possible offensive materials/submissions.  We urge applicants to use "good taste" when selecting and listing their submission(s).  We do not intend to, nor advocate, censorship in the arts.  However, we do assert that certain material may not be appropriate for our purposes.   
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