Karen Favorite - Artistic
By Anonymous
2012 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2012
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Description of Submission:
"Same beliefs and principles and yet having two completely opposite actions result. Who’s the hypocrite?" -


Why Karen Liked It
Karen loved the symbols that was entertwined in this picture.  The description helped very much to explain this
beautiful artwork.
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Summary: How is it possible that two polar opposite actions can result from the one very same belief and

      How can one preach the forgiveness and love from God for themselves only to condemn others to
burn in hell?

      God. Yes, the Bible is open to endless interpretation. But, the moral beliefs received from religion and
its most basic values are as clear as a new diamond ring. Is it not the intention of religion to band people
together and create a network of support, love, and peace? No matter which religion and from what part of
the world it comes from, in the end it serves by giving people a stable set of rules to live by. And no matter
what set of rules it is, it still has the ultimate goal of creating a successful society. So why, are people so
keen in dwelling on petty differences and fighting with hatred over the most unimportant aspects of
religion? Can people not see, that in the end, people all want the same love and forgiveness provided in
religion’s sanctions, that harmony comes with tolerance? So why is it, a devout Christian could preach
hatred and condemn others to hell, when its religion teaches forgiveness and love? Why is it that he or she
could stand in the name of God, the name that symbolizes the great sacrifice for human life, and oppress,
beat, and maybe kill others? How can one who wears a cross and carries a bible, stand and preach
hatred against love? Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and all the other labels out there are
nothing but describing the difference in the object of who we love. And yet, this difference in love can drive
so many people to turn a blind eye to the true morals of their religion and perform actions so opposite to
its purpose. Do these small differences deprive them the right of receiving the love? Since when did
religion have requirements? In the end, it doesn’t matter what religion is believed in or how many times
church is attended or how hard a person can preach. If even the basic actions of love and forgiveness
cannot be contributed to one another, then that person is nothing but a shame to the religion he preaches.
Hiding behind the sanctions of holiness does not justify the actions of hate and oppression of others. No
Christian God would approve of letting hate overrun the love that He so blessed to the people. Atheist I
may be, but in all religions and morals do I believe and learn from. As long as our minds our open and we
can find similarities to connect to and differences to learn from, our society would only propel forward.

How can a country founded on freedom and escape from oppression have laws that deny equal rights to
some of its people?

      America was founded by those who wish to escape the oppression of their religion. America fought a
war, for freedom against the hatred of another country. America, declared upon freedom that , “All men
are created equal”. America, fought a civil war to end discrimination based upon characteristics given to a
person upon their birth. It is nobody’s choice to be born different from others, but everybody has a choice
to treat others equally. Politicians who dare work under the great government of America must not have
learned their history well, if they can drop their American values and continue to fight for unequal rights and
discrimination. They should learn by now that oppressing a minority to ensure their own superiority is
exactly the opposite of the American spirit. Politicians can wear their ties and suits and trample all over
the history of America, but just because they have stepped into the White House or Congress, doesn’t
mean they have become a part of its history. Those who represent the true American spirit of equality and
freedom from oppression are those worthy to live on forever in American history. Again, what is the
purpose of the United States government? If it is really thought out, doesn’t the purpose of government
border so close to religion? The role they two play may be different, but in the end it is still to create a
society that can work together and advance forward. If religion is the personal emotional morals of society,
then government is the less personal, practical rules of society. Are we not all God’s creation? Are we not
all Americans - people who seek freedom from oppression, hope in a land of equality, and a place to live
peacefully? Americans, we are the epitome of differences mashed together. We boast of diversity and
offering citizenship to all kinds of people. When, can we boast of the equality and freedom that we had
fought for so many times before?