Runner-Up of the Written Category
"Catharsis & Misery"
By Michelle Reed - NC
2012 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2012
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Description of Submission:
"This oil painting represents one of the truest experiences in my life; my first relationship after coming out. The pain,
the triumph, the regret, and the love exemplified through this work culminated in a way that allowed me to become
fully aware of what it is to live. I painted this during a tumultuous separation with my previous girlfriend. She's touched
me deeply, and I wanted to glorify our experience with a painting of our most peaceful, innocent moment, which stood
in stark contrast to the struggles and hurt we were currently enduring since that time. I was able to escape into that
moment through this painting, so it also served as a release for me. As you might be able to tell, the painting remains
unfinished...and over time I've come to accept that as serendipitous symbolism.

We both have moved on, miles and years apart, but I don't believe the memories, both experential and emotional, will
ever completely part from my being.

Here's  to EVERYONE with the courage to love and to continue to love." - Michelle

Coming Soon

Why Karen and Melody Liked It
This was a lovely painting.  You could feel the emotions of the young couple.  
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