Honorable Mention: Best Religion/Faith
"My Sincerest Apologies"
By Teshia Tucker - CO
2012 KarMel Scholarship Submission
KarMel Scholarship 2012
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Description of Submission:
"An apology in the form of a letter entitled: "Letter from a Hypocrit"-Teshia

Why Karen and Melody Liked
We liked that this is coming from the perspective a religious person and how she truly understand how to look at the
gay community, and how others should folllow.
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To One, To All,
      I want to extend my sincerest apologies, from the bottom of my heart. I cannot speak for all, but I am
going to anyway in the efforts to and in the hopes of receiving your forgiveness. I want to start off by saying
that I am a not “Christian”—but a follower of Christ. I have a strong feeling that the title “Christian” may
leave a bad taste in your mouth, and for whatever experiences you may have had which cause such
feelings, I AM SORRY. I think it safe to say that you may have been hurt, rejected, and offended by many
“Christians.” I cannot say I know their heart, but I can say that I know the heart of the One they claim to
serve. And He is not pleased.
The Christ they say they serve is a loving, caring, patient, compassionate God, yet at the same time is very
adamant about revealing truth to you, holding you accountable, and recompensing to all their due. I want
you to know that He created you with a purpose: to know and love Him. All else really pales in comparison
to knowing that the God who created the universe, so too, created you in your mother’s womb to be great,
do great things, and live a great life—an abundant life. He gave you nine months to form, grow, develop,
and be birthed, not into a world that would grow to hate you, ridicule you, or mistreat you, but rather into a
world that He fashioned you to know your true worth.
      I pray that you are able to look beyond the actions of such people who bad mouth you to know that in
the deepest recesses of their heart, their desire is for you to put aside the sin and live a righteous life. Our
world, our nation was developed on biblical foundations and we as a people have swerved so far from our
roots that most things we do today would never have been tolerated by our founding fathers, let alone the
Creator of the universe. God desires that you life a life in which you receive His blessings rather than his
curses, but it is our sin that keeps us from Him—your sin, my sin.
      How dare I or any “Christian” for that matter point our finger and say that God hates anyone. God loves
His creation—just hates the sin that keeps us separate from Him. He loves it so, that He sent His only Son,
Jesus to take the place that we deserve for our own disobedience. We deserve to die; the payment we
earn for our straying away is death. The only way we cease to stray is by ceasing to exist. And thus Christ
went to His doom, which should have been our doom, in order that we may even have the possibility to be
restored to Him. He served as the sacrifice that God requires for our sin. He died the death we deserve so
that we could live.
      How dare I point my finger and say anything when with that one finger pointed, there are of course
three pointed back at myself. May I constantly remember where I came from and where God desires I
should be. I fail everyday. How dare I point my finger and call you anything other than what you are—made
in the image of God. You deserve love and respect for that status alone. It does not matter that you have an
affinity toward a relationship with the same gender or that I have an issue with pride, lust, and criticism;
God desires that we all live in accordance with His perfect plan for us. We all will face Him one day to give
an account. So, I am no different than you except on the basis of my acceptance of Christ as Lord and
Savior, and the giving of his Holy Spirit to live within to help wage war against the decaying flesh that
strives to disobey.
      And so I earnestly ask for you to forgive the “Christians” who lack love; forgive the “Christians” who act
hatefully; forgive the “Christians” who sin against their God as they scoff at you. As a “follower of Christ”
hear my apology on behalf of them all—you are loved and I pray may you know the greatness of God’s love
for you that He should humble Himself to know what it’s like to be hated, despised, mocked, and beaten. I
pray that you meet more “followers of Christ” than Christians who are willing to impart truth instead of beat
you with the Bible.


                                                              God Bless,