KarMel Scholarship 2008


Honorable Mention: Best Poem


By Amanda Miller - MD



Desciption of Submission: “A poem to all homosexuals struggling under the weight of discrimination and hatred.” - Amanda


Why Karen and Melody Liked It:  We loved the way she used her words to reach out not only to inspire others, but also to support those who many be suffering because of their sexuality.




To my gay brothers and sisters,

Linked as we are by our common humanity,

Let me offer you these words

To light your way in dark times of struggle.


To the girl at the lunch table

Who by some quirk of nature

Happens to like other girls

And must listen to homophobic hate speech in silence,

I say: Speak, and let your words

Be a weapon against ignorance.


To the boy standing shaking and afraid in his own home,

Who is about to come out to his parents

And grasps his boyfriend’s hand for courage,

Their entwined fingers a shield against intolerance,

I say: You are strong,

And you can survive anything.


To the man sitting alone in the hospital waiting room

Who will not be allowed

To see his dying life partner

And comfort him in his final hours,

I say: He hears your unspoken farewell

And you will be together again.


To the woman at the front of the courtroom

Who must testify against the stranger

That raped and beat her for loving another woman,

And watches her grip the witness’ stand with pale hands,

I say: Let punishment follow the crime;

Justice will prevail.


To anyone who has ever

Been made to feel less than normal

Less than needed

Less than beautiful

Less than loveable

Less than human

I say: hold your head up,

And be not afraid.

Know that it is not you

Who is the monster.