Melody's 27th Surprise
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On April 15th, we through a surprise birthday party for Melody.  The surprise was almost on us.  Melody had been working long hours and we were a little worried that she wasn't going to come home at a reasonable hour. 
But she came home early and almost surprised us more than we surprised her!!  In the end, everyone had a good time and Melody was surprised!
Melody with all her gifts that she got for her birthday.  Of course, the best gift was the party and all her friends coming to celebrate with her.
Emily got the cake.  It was a mango mousse cake and it sure was good.
Dara, Melody and Alex celebrate the candles getting blown out with one try.  Melody looks so happy, doesn't she?
Melody gets a friend, Pooter, to help her finish her cake.  After all, the kids should get to help celebrate too!!
Emily and Vivian enjoy the party.  Emily helped Karen plan and throw the party for Melody.
Karin, with Josie(hasn't she grown?), Ai Lin and Carol, holding Princess, and Karen in the background.
Carol and Leigh snuggle and enjoy the party.
Michael joined us on Thursday the 17th, Melody's actual birthday.  We had a mini-party with him.
Melody blows out the candles on her cake at the party with Michael on the 17th.
Me and my honey.  Happy 27th Birthday!!
I hope you enjoyed all the celebrations.
Birthday Party