Melody's 26th Birthday
Muir Beach
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One of the beautiful beaches we stopped at on our way up the Northern Coast of California.  The water and waves are spectacular!!
The waves come up the beach at Muir Beach.  It wasn't too busy, so it was like having the beach all to ourselves.
The contrast of the colors is amazing.  The green hills, the blue water and the brown rocks.  San Fransisco is off in the distance.
My beautiful girl hangs out with the wind blowing her hair and the ocean to her back.  Breathtaking!!
We walked this path all the way to the end where the lookout point gave a wonderful view of the ocean and the city in the distance.
This is looking up the coast to the north at Muir Beach. 
The coastline seems to stretch on forever.  Each turn is more wonderful than the last.
Karen on the bridge that leads to the beach.  Just over the hill behind her is the Pacific Ocean.
Melody looking so Cosmo and hip.
It's amazing how relaxing the ocean can make you.  Would you believe she had driven 6 hours on winding roads at this point?