Melody's 26th Birthday
Two-Story Treehouse
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The outside of the treehouse.  You can see the bears that stand guard over the houe.  There are also two little chairs on either side of the doorway.  The balconey is above the main door.
You can see the detail that went into creating the bookshelf that is carved into the side of the tree.  It's in the living room section of the house.  They even carved a fireplace with logs into the tree.  It looks so real!!
Karen peeks out through the living room window to check up on the bears.  They guard the house and make sure everyone stays safe.
Melody climbed the stairs and peeked out through the bedroom windows.  The balconey is just to her left.  A giant playhouse with all the trimmings.
The two-story treehouse is carved from a redwood tree.  All the detail work done inside is carved into the trunk from inside the tree.  It's made like a child's playhouse!  It has a staircase and a bookcase and even a kitchen carved into it.