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Kitties with Doggies
Bambi getting ready to jump on Princess once she comes through the doggy door.
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Nike playing hide-and-go-seek with Pooter.  Pooter found her!
Pooter and Bambi in bed together.  Aww.
Nike says "Hey Pooter!  That my food!"
Do you see all the kitties and dogs in the picture?
The kittens staring out at the porch, while Pooter lies on the floor.
Nike getting ready to jump on Pooter's back!  Be careful Pooter!
Melody's kittens (Nike and Bambi) and Karen's dogs (Pooter and Princess) moved in together on September 2002.  They are doing so good with each other!  Sometime Pooter and Princess likes to give Bambi and Nike kisses. Sometimes they play with each other or share with each other food.  They aren't scared of each other at all.  Come see how they kitties and the doggies have fun!