Our Thanksgiving Celebration
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This year Melody and I spent our first Thanksgiving together, which we were thankful for.  We decided to do it right and cooked a complete turkey dinner.   This was Melody's first traditional Thankgiving in her own home.  Our family had their first Thanksgiving together!
Karen's ready to eat....is anyone else?
Looks like Melody is ready to eat too.  Time to serve the turkey!!
We had  turkey with all the trimmings!! 
We didn't forget the veggies and of course, lots of stuffing!!
More of the official dinner.  I think we must have been company...we made enought food to feed a family of 8!!
Of course we had to split the Wish Bone after the dinner.  Melody is holding the winning end.  What did you wish for honey?
We didn't forget our four legged kids at dinnertime.  Even the cats got in on the Thanksgiving tradtion.