Our Valentine's and Anniversary Trip
San Jose Historical House
Melody with her "Little House on the Prairie" look.  Isn't she cute in her bonnet?
Karen getting in on the fun with the bonnets.
We decided to dress the part!
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This is one of the original houses built in San Jose. The houses were moved to this historical area.  This was Karen's favorite house.
In San Jose they have created a historical town that tries to replicate some of the first homes and buildings.  Some of the towns original homes and buildings have been donated and moved to this site.  There they have undergone careful restoration to keep with their original styles.  The town is layed out to look like a little city from years past.  There are stores and shops, chruches, homes, everything a thriving little city would have needed 100 years ago.  Even the street lights are replicas.  It's like taking a step back in time and spending the day in another century!