Our Valentine's and Anniversary Trip
Lake Merritt
Lake Merritt is a beautiful body of water that sites right in the middle of a major street.  There are buildings and house all around the lake.  We rented a paddle boat and spent some time enjoying the peaceful water.
The sun reflecting off the water made a beautiful scene with the buildings in the background.  It was such a pretty day.
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This is where we launched from.  Then we paddled our way out to the middle and over to the opposite side of the lake.
Wouldn't you just love to live in one of these buildings?  These people have a view of the lake everyday.  Lucky-Duckies!!
Here we are, on the boat, in the middle of the lake.
This is the other side of the lake.  We hadn't realized how far we had drifted until we saw how close we were to this tree.  Yikes!!   Time to head back!