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2008 KarMel Scholarship Submissions
Come read a few of the submissions we received from this year's scholarship!  Enjoy!
- Karen and Melody
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"A Unique Family"
by Brittany Bodwell
Unique Items:
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IMPORTANT:  We were NOT able to showcase
all the outstanding works we received this year
due to the overwhelming 910 submissions from 520 applicants. 
We selected a good representation of the works we received,
for everyone to enjoy reading.  - Karen and Melody
Globalized Gays in Authoritarian Iran
Mathew Beck
Impact of the Internet on the progression of the GLB movement in Iran.
by Kristin Bowles

"If You Could See What I See"
by Heather Brittany

"My Better Half"
by Christina Coulson
"Teddy and Jimmy"
by Maria Brito
by Maria Brito

"Yin and Yang"
by Nicole Carothers
"United as One"
by Faren Chancy
"To Thine Own Self Be True"
by Rawley Chaves

by George Garcia
by Anonymous
by Alexandra Douglas
"Definition of Marriager"
by Maria Ellias
"A Different Kind of Hero"
by Emily Franklin
"Gay Love Scrapbook Page"
by Katarina Kolde
"Self Portrait"
by Anonymous
"Love is Love"
by Cerena Dale-Hammond
"The Longing"
by Lee Espinoza
"Coming Out of Which Closet"
by Maisha Foster-O'Neal
by Mira Gandy
"Don't Hide Your Pride"
by Christina Harris
"Society and Us"
by Natalie Hernandez
by Kayla Jenkins
"Trans Child"
by Autumn Knight
"Love Is..."
by Jacqueline Killoran
"True Love"
by Alicia Lyon
"Art of Aei"
by Jordan Leigh
"I'm Home"
by Jordan Leigh
"Delicate Rose"
by Kimberly McCarthy
"The Colors of Our Hearts"
by Renee Mobley
"To My Best Friend"
by Anonymous
"It's About the Love"
by Cassandra Paul
"Island of Lesbos"
by Liana Parakesikova
"Stars Can be Magical"
by Liana Parekesikova
by LaToya Peoples
"Screw You"
by Lainie Rieger
by Stephany Ramirez
"Two Figures"
by Jamie-Lyn Della Selva
"Pride, Love, Silence"
by Deasy Widjojo
by Jessica Warren
"Love Withstands All"
by Katie Yates

by China Howard

"No PDA Allowed"
by Kara Hurtado

by Ericka Kilburn
by Kalvin Leveille

"Venus Castina"
by Nichelle Lee

"The Norm"
by Jontae Plowden

"Wedding Day"
by Michelle Parker

"Market Days"
by Robin Posavetz
"Love Endures"
by Heather Rice

"Cultural Understanding"
by Kyle Rapinan

by Lainie Rieger

"Love is Love"
by Amanda Stewart

by Kelly Shultz
"Bonded for Who We Are"
by Whitley Sullivan

"Halloween Drag"
by Aaron Victor

"My Daily Bind"
by Deborah Moore
"Chains that Bind Us"
by Jayme McAllister
"Love is Okay"
by Sarah Rockwell
Where's the Outcry
Kevyn Bowles
Editorial piece I wrote after b eing a victim of a LGTBQ hate crime as a freshman at Georgetown University.
We Shoul be Past Applauding
Raymond Ceo
Editorial about J.K. Rowling announcing that Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore is gay.
Created By
An End to Ignorance
Athena Birchkbichler
This work shows why I am upset with the ignorance of gays and lesbians in our society.
Adoption for All
Nathan Beito
Detailed account of pros and cons in favor of gay and lesbian adoption.
Same-Sex Marriage: The Ethics of Homosexuality in Christianity
Cori Cahoon
A comparison of different interpretation of Bible scripture and how each scripture relates to same-sex marriage.
What Does it Matter if Two People have the Same Hoo-hoos or Ha-has?
Richard Espinoza
The folly opposition to same-sex marriage.
Hate Crime Prevention
Same Eastham
The new legislation on hate crimes: Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.
Please Pass the Green Beans to a Homosexual
Katherine Hamilton
The first time I ever identified as lesbian, to my mother, and when I came out a year later to my father's family.
Martin Luther King Speech
Kyle Rapinan
Speech I gave at my school's Martin Luther King Assembly.
To My Sexuality
Sara Woolcock
A letter written to my sexuality that highlights the fact that there is ambiguity between gay, straight and even bisexual.
Why Homosexuality is Not a Choice
Nicole Zanier
My thoughts and reasonings of homosexuality and bisexuality
Created By
Lez Ladies
Daniela Lieggi
A play about a secret lesbian couple in the 19th century England.
Pushing Society
Katrina Records
A one act play following the path of a 17 year old, Sara, as she goes through the journey of coming out to her homophobic family.
Created By
Fictional Stories
Some Friend
J. Brundage
Short story with erotic content about coming to terms with what one wants in a lover, and wants in a friend.
It Isn't Done
Regency Gray
Two of the most powerful women in the world--who shall remain nameless - dance for the first time.
Lyfe and Love
Since you're far, would we ever get to feal each others touch.
When a Star Buns Out
Matt Mallon
Science fiction love story featuring two gay main characters.
More Than Word and Stone
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayer
Jessie struggling to balance the demands of her family of choice with her family of origin.
Coming Out
Glenn Osborne
A young man tells his parents for the first time that he is gay.
A Peculiar Escape
Christopher Sheffield
Group of homosexual boys longing to be free of society's oppression.
Elizabeth Ward
A lesbian from a MidWest background who is unsure of her place in society even as she falls in love with a radical lesbian New Yorker.
Created By
Personal Stories
Strengthh from Within
Ashley Azbill
What I went through growing up and how it shaped me into the person I am.
My Perception of Brotherhood
David Buttler
Personal reflection on the discrimination many Gay African American Males face attempt to join Black Greek Lettred Organizations.
The Perfect Daughter
Danielle Bastarache
An essay with strong opinions on my orientation and how it has been viewed by others in my life, especially parents and peers.
Waiting, Wondering
Kati Bloedau
A coming out story that I submitted to be read into a microphone on National Coming Out Day.
Coming Out
My experience withmy mother upon trying to come out to her and the lie I had to tell to keep peace within the house.
Growing up Crooked in a Straight Family
David Claessens
Coming out when you come from a religious background and how to deal with the criticism.
Counter Protest
Ruth Carter
Participating in a protest of an anti-same-sex marriage rally.
Slicing Through Darkness
Chelsie Doherty
Discovering and dealing with my bisexual orientation that focuses on my relationships with my bestfirend and mother.
Bisexuality and Me
Jennifer Davidson
Essay describing my life as a bisexual.
Dear Jane
Elizabeth Hill
A letter protraying my story about my sexuality and the progression of self love and acceptance of who I am.
Autumn Knight
My experience working with my first transgender student and how that student has inspired my life and my educational work.
The Strangest Heroes of All
Jeramey Kraatz
Reflection of how the X-Men comic books relate to homosexuality.
Eighteen Years
Jake Kennedy
A young homosexual's journey into the city to seek another man...
Self Construction
Jordon Leigh
My personal experience undergoing a masetectomy.
Coming Out
Kalvin Leveille
The importance of coming out
New to the Closet: My Story
Sarah Lentz
This is a "my story" focused article style writing.
Christopher Meek
A stream of consciousness coming-out story.
Lisa Martens
My cousin struggles to come out to his homophobic father.
Patrick Mulryan
Autobiographical paly about my relationships to my father and my childhood best friend...
The Wedding Picture
Yamuna Menon
My family's struggle with marriage equality as well as my own struggles...
By the Bi
Kristen Overmyer
A written piece for a LGBTQA magazine at MIZZOU
Therapy Session 1
LayToya Peoples
This short story is inspired by my first girlfriend.
My Family
Amy Rogers
A reflective essay on growing up with lesbian parents.
The Needle
Andrew Reed
My attempts to give blood and the denial becuase of my gay sexual orientation.
Living in Sin
Heather Rice
Coming out at a conservative bible college.
Loretta Rock
Meeting a transvestite named Barbie.
Jill and Kate
The generalizations of a relationship with the tingling, excitement.
The Beginning
Esa Sofian
My first encounter with a girl worth liking..
Kayla Williams
Letter to my mother describing what is happening in my life and how much I want her to be okay with it.
A Love Unknown
Stephanie Wasney
How I met someone who changed my life and made me realize its okay to be a lesbian.
Created By
Ring Tone
Conseeta Brown
My undying love for a female who, although feels some attractwion towards me, is afraid of being viewed as a homosexual individual.
Katherine Brown
Gays are more accepted now.  Poem which describes how one can wave the flag and show his/her pride.
Just Another Day
Kerinna Barnes
The Crowd
Shavonne Bell
Portrays the negative perspectives of society on the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender community.
No Obligation to Discrimination
Stacey Barnett
A poem that argues for equality.
Tamiko Beyer
Poem about Keshav Jiwani, a gay, Hindu Pakistani man who faced deportation after 9/11/01
Cute Boy with Glasses
This is for those people who see from a far and continually muster up the courage to be recognized and take the plunge.
Half Son, Half Daughter
Casey Constant
A poem  dealing with some of the conflicts caused by being transgendered, both internal and at home.
No Homos Allowed
Gyny Cuff
A poem about how people are so quick to discriminate and don't know the person or what they are capable of.
With Her
Harriet Corbitt
A poem about the happiness of a lesbian relationship.
Upperclass, White and Normal
Jessica Collette
My experience and struggles with being bisexual in the community I grew up in.
A Prayer to Heal
Kalil Cohen
A prayer from before I had top surgery...
Leah Colburn
A free verse poem on pansexuality and the different ways we view ourselves.
Accepting Yourself
Michael Cerwinski
A poem that I wrote about me accepting myself for being a homosexual.
My Soldier
Andrea Dargin
A poem about my current relationship with a woman in the military.
The Cut
Collette Earnest
A poem describing the transvestite red-light district.
Take a Picture
Victoria Esnault
A slam poem I wrote about my lifestyle.
Clayton Harrison
I wanted to come out to my friend, but I didn't want him to disapprove of me and end our friendship.
The Mistake I Made
Kara Hurtado
A poem of how I grew up thinking that being anything but straight as a straight edge was wrong to being the mistake I made in my life not telling anyone who I really was.
For Another Day
Brittany Kalosza
I wrote this during one of those oh-so-close times I backed out on coming out to my parents.
Amanda Miller
A poem to all homosexuals struggling under the weight of discrimination and hatred.
Forbidden Feeling
Jillian Martin
This based around how the love felt within the same sex is looked at as a forbidden feeling.
Jessica McGlew
A poem describing my earliest experiences as a bisexual individual between the ages of 5-7.
Joseph Maddela
A poem about the gay community.
Ode to a Special Friend
Arturo Padron
I fell in love with this guy named Dan, and still in love with him.
Denise Hernandez
Tasha Palmer
This poem doesn't have any other title, I wrote this especially for my fiance, about how I felt after being engaged.
We Are
Emily Riffle
A short free stle poem basically advocating acceptance of LGBTQ.
Hope through the Darkness
Emily Rence
This is a poem that describes the feelings I experienced before I had told anyone I was a lesbian.
Cruel World
Katelyn Redmond
A poem on a view of the unfair laws against gay marriage.
What Kind of Man
Lacey Robinson
Poem based on the thought process one goes through to find a positive male gender model as a biological female.
But They Don't Know It
Windy Rottenbucher
Poem about trying to fit in by censoring yourself and denying who you truly are.
It Wasn't an Overnight Change
Ashley Stukes
A poem about my coming out experience with my mother.
A Future of the Past (And Still Not Yet Present)
Allison Sellers
A moment of reminiscing between two once-lovers.
Together One Day
Cherie Shanako
Dreams: Crazy Fantasy World
Danielle Shabazz
This is another poem related to my daydream story, just related it to my reality.
Somewhere Close to Souls
Noah Schnaubelt
A poem in which I tried to sum up the insanity and complexity of the feelings I had been struggling with for one of my bestfriends for probably 8 years.
Green Glass Prisms on a Bed of Cobblestones
Neil Schleifer
Double Edged Swords
Acasia Tucker
A poem talking to my Lord about bisexual feelings.
I Am a Shooting Star
Jamie Townsend
A poem regarding the discrimination of same-sex couples, written from the perspective of a shooting star.
A poem about a random hate crime.
My Life
Tamika Wright
A poem about my life